What is this all about?

This website is set up to test your personal hosting package.

The better explanation of how this website can help you improve your own personal websites loading speed can be found on the main website set up for this hosting test service. This can be found here  – http://hostingvshosting.com/

Read more here too, to find out how and why you should make an effort to improve your website loading speed in the search engines.

Why Is Site loading speed important?

Google ranks websites on an ever-changing set of factors (it is called an algorithm) and the speed that your website loads definitely make a big difference as to how well you rank in the search engine results.

You see, if all the other factors are equal and your site is faster loading than your opposition then you will be placed above them in the SERPS (search engine results pages)

How to set it up for my website?

It is very easy to set up this test for yourself. Either I could do it for you, or you can do it yourself. See more on the Hosting VS Hosting site. See that link elsewhere on this page.

OK, so you go into your Cpanel for your hosting package and add a subdomain. Then you install a new WordPress installation on that subdomain. Then you send me the details (Unless I did it for you – then I will already have those details) and I will clone THIS EXACT website over onto your subdomain. That then makes this site the same as your subdomain and the test is fair because it is now apples-for-apples.

What can I do to test my hosting speed?

There is a long list of things that you can do to improve how fast your website loads, and to find out more on that you will need to visit the Hosting VS Hosting site here at this link  – http://hostingvshosting.com/

But one of the biggest factors is the quality of your hosting. Up until now, there has never been a sure way of comparing your EXACT hosting package with others. This service here is designed to give your business or website that chance to see if you are being screwed over by your hosting company.

Where to from here?

If you are in business I highly encourage you to take the small effort needed to see if your hosting is working well. Then once you have done that and have some results you could leave the site up and get me to test it all the time for you.

I have to be honest here, I do plan to charge for most of these services in the future, but for now, at the launch of this service, it is still free. If you are seeing this not in the future and there are fees, I apologize – I cannot come back and edit this section as it needs to stay like this forever.