Things you should know

This website that you are on right now is a cloned duplicate website that will be loaded onto many other exact sites just like this one.

The ONLY difference will be the hosting package that is hosting this website.

The idea is to have a sub domain website that the owner of this hosting package will have as a guide to compare their hosting speeds to see that they have a decent hosting package for their online business.

I mention this because there is a very high chance that in time there will be many sites just like this one and any attempt that you make to contact us via this contact form might get lost.

On the home page of this website you will be able to find links to us. Use the navigation at the top of this page to find the home page.

If this is YOUR website.

Hi, and welcome to this contact page. I know that there are many circumstances where you as this sub domain site owner might need to contact me and while you could use this form below, I suggest that you also go via the home page here.

I would already be emailing you on a monthly basis if you are keeping this site alive, so as to keep you up to date with your hosting packages quality. However you might need me to do SEO for you or build you a website. Please note that those services are very limited so we will definitely need to talk first.

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